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Why Choose Apadana Solar

Guaranteed Quality, Affordable pricing, Canadian company.

The decision to perform a home improvement project on your own may be reasonable and feasible when dealing with simple tasks. However, if a project has diversified stages and requires a combination of expertise, it would be more efficient and cost effective to hand it over to reliable professionals.

Apadana Solar can guarantee the following deliverables for your Turnkey Residential MicroFIT, Net Metering, and Off-Grid, or Commercial FIT projects.

  • Prompt initial site assessment within 48 hours of your enquiry
  • Full service Turnkey solutions
  • Industry leading experts
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Affordable pricing
  • Financing solutions


Solar programs

Selections of programs have been designed by the Ontario government to promote alternative and cleaner solutions to produce electrical energy. The Programs are offered in two main categories of commercial and residential (FIT, MicroFIT, and Net Metering) with different incentives.

Although individuals and businesses can apply directly to these programs, the complexity of the process encourages using professionals in order to increase efficiency by maintaining the right balance between cost, quality, safety, and time.

As with any investment or home improvement project, the key to success is doing it right the first time. Therefore, it is important to have a clear and accurate understanding of the process. Here is a snapshot of a MicroFIT, FIT, and Net Metering programs:

  1. Site assessment and evaluation
  2. Submitting the application and supporting documents
  3. Obtaining  the approvals and finalizing the design
  4. System installation followed by inspection
  5. Connecting to the Grid and generating income
  6. Monitoring performance

Free Assessment

We encourage you to check if your property can generate a secure source of income for the next 20 years while you are protecting the environment and contributing to a greener future.

Get a free assessment and full consultation by our engineers and experts on your property or land. We will schedule a visit within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry with no obligation on your side.





Apadana Solar History


  • When my wife and I decided to look into the Microfit program as an investment, we really looked into what was available. We decided to choose a company that we could trust our home and money with. The best thing about Apadana Solar is how they mixed and matched the best of everything to come up with a customized system for our home. The knowledge of the consultant and how he warned us about popular mistakes with solar systems was so reassuring.

    Chris, Richmondhill, ON
  • We were really impressed with the initial consultation and how informative and thorough it was.

    Apadana’s team took care of everything as they had promised they would. We were surprised with how committed they were to bring the best quality of service and products at every stage.

    The best home improvement ever; the cheques have kept coming in since!

    Flora, Thornhill, ON