Our History

Apadana Group was established in 2008 as a construction company providing a full range of services from design, engineering, and project management to construction and renovation of residential and commercial Projects. Apadana Group has always emphasized on providing quality customized solutions that are measured based on customer satisfaction and are set to surpass their expectations.

Being passionate about engineering and alternative energy systems, Apadana Group decided to bring in a new division as Apadana Solar to offer renewable energy solutions like solar and wind as well as energy efficiency systems such as Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems and Geothermal.

Apadana Solar’s team of experienced engineers, technicians, and professional consultants are now designing, installing, and servicing Geothermal heating and cooling systems,  servicing boilers, radiant floors, snow melting systems and domestic hot water heater expansion tanks in addition to designing, installing and managing solar system projects.



Apadana Solar History



Apadana Solar Value

Our Value

We believe that principles such as honesty, fairness, and respect for customers are good business practices and will result in both short term and long term profit generation. That is why we insist on those principles. We know that transparency and simplicity are essential in forming trust and we have designed our strategies around them.

Apadana Solar believes that a combination of quality service and value pricing is achievable through an understanding of customers’ expectations and having the expertise to deliver the best service. We would never compromise the quality of a project to achieve the lowest cost but we will use our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best quality that price can get. After all it’s our reputation and your money on the line and we value both. We firmly believe that the customer has the right to be informed about the product and service they will receive in order to make educated decisions that would best fit their needs and expectations within their budget. That is why we encourage questions and explain our recommendations. Consultation is an important part of our service.

Our Mission is to provide customised services that are quality assured, affordable, and on schedule and exceed customers’ expectations. Our vision is to become the most trusted and preferred provider of renewable energy in Canada.

Our Team

Apadana Solar has brought together a team of experienced professionals from different specializations to provide alternative energy solutions including solar systems ranging from Grid-Tie to Off-Grid, and from commercial to residential projects. As experts and certified professionals, we understand the complexities and importance of initial assessments, well-developed designs, high quality products and proper installation processes through affordable yet customized renewable energy solutions.

Apadana’s background in construction projects has provided our solar team with a wholesome understanding of building structures and safety measures that are essential in MicroFit, Net-Metering and Off-Grid projects. Our engineering knowledge and expertise enables us to accurately assess the building structure, landscape conditions, and energy efficiency elements to provide our customers with the best design and the most efficient system installations.

At Apadana Solar, we understand the critical role of renewable energy and its impact on our communities and environment and we have chosen to participate in the alternative energy initiative. Our team of experienced engineers, certified electricians, and knowledgeable design team, can help you with turnkey FIT, MicroFIT, Net-Metering and  Off-Grid projects from registration processes to detailed engineering solutions, and convenient installation and connection processes, by choosing the best quality solar panels, power inverters, batteries, and installation systems. We believe in our work and guarantee the highest degree of customer service that will exceed your expectation.





Apadana Solar Team



Apadana Solar CEO Bio


“There’s a way to do it better – find it!” – Thomas Edison 

Bijan Ashtiani, the founder and CEO of Apadana Group, has a background in mechanical Engineering and he is an enthusiast entrepreneur with decades of experience in design and manufacturing with a focus on renewable energy solutions and applications such as solar, wind, and geothermal in construction projects.

In addition to establishing Apadana Group in 2008, he also founded Euro Performance World in 2005 providing customized performance enhancements, engine upgrades, and modification of engine control systems for European automobiles. His most recent business endeavor has been 3Dology, a company that provides 3D solutions to businesses that benefit from rapid prototyping and the latest 3D printing technologies in their industry.

Bijan Ashtiani holds a variety of certificates and licenses applicable to alternative energy solutions in addition to his mechanical engineering degree. Photovoltaic Design and Installation, Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations, Radiant Hydronics Design, and Geothermal Specialist are just to name a few.